Boost Your Facebook Engagement And Learn About Your Most Loyal Customers

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Facebook questions increase engagementThis is only a short post but it's full of good stuff: 

How do you get someone to interact with you in the real world? It's simple: You ask them a question!

  • People like answering questions when they know the answers. 
  • People also like talking about themselves. 

This is why questions work so well on Facebook.

Short, easy-to-answer questions have a huge reach and generate high engagement. They won't go viral but they will make your existing fans feel warm and fuzzy. 

Before you ask a question think about how your fans use Facebook:

Yes it's a social network but everybody uses it alone. So address your questions to the individual, not the crowd.

  • What's your favourite swimming pool in the hotel
  • What do you prefer for breakfast? Eggs or cereal?
  • When are next coming to Gran Canaria fora cocktail on our terrace

The other benefit of asking questions on Facebook is that you are turning your page into an information gathering machine.

Asking Facebook questions increases engagement with your loyal fans and customers, and helps you to improve your services.

That's a pretty powerful combination! What question are you going to ask your fans on Facebook today?

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