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The value of Facebook fans and engagementFacebook's Edgerank is dead! The social network's post ranking system has been replaced with a more complex ranking system with hundreds of contributing factors. 

The new ranking system still takes affinity, weight and time decay into account but now also measures other factors such as post type and each user's previous history. 

Two new developments stand out:

  • Post bumping: If your old posts continue to get engagement from fans Facebook will give them a second chance by showing them to fresh people: This is part of Facebook's drive to escape its walled garden. 

  • Last Actor: The last 50 interactions a person makes on Facebook are the most important. This means that if you get your fans interacting with your page they see more of your stuff. Think community rather than advert!!


Here's What Canary Island tourist businesses need to do to succeeed in a post Edgerank Facebook

Don't panic: Despite the change Facebook success still depends on the same factors: Engaging, visual content and short, informal texts.

Identify your hotspots: Which posts have the most impact on your audience? Rinse and repeat!

Post Often: Three to five posts per day.

Talk to individuals:  "You" rather than "You guys". 

Ask questions: Because people answer them and that's engagement and the beginnings of community.

Vary Your Post Type: Post links, text, photos and videos. If you only post links or text posts people who interact mostly with photos or videos won't see them. 

Don't Re-post the same links: Facebook won't show your fans the same link over and over again: Create different landing pages on your website.

Use Hashtags: Hashtags allow people to find your content within Facebook. Use specific (#myhotelorbusiness) and generic (#summer) hashtags. 

Think Visual: Tourism is aspiration: Show your fans what they are missing: Locations, experieces, moments, fun.

Need to get your Facebook page going but don't have the content: Click here for thousands of photos of Gran Canaria and the Canary Islands priced for social media and web use. 

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