Content Marketing Is Easy: You Just Need To Start

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Content marketing in Gran Canaria

We all know that our customers and target market are searching for information online every day.

We also know that we should be providing information rich, visual resources to help and engage them and drive them to our money pages.

But somehow few of us are doing it.

The biggest problem with content marketing is getting started

Like novelists, most aspiring content marketers never get past the the blank sheet of paper stage.

Starting a novel from scratch is intimidating.

Content marketing feels the same: Most people are put off before they begin.

But starting is the most important part: Once you have your first blog post, Pinterest board or Facebook post the effects are cumulative.

Unlike an ad campaign or a print advert the positive effects last for years. The more resources you add the more people find your business. 

Luckily content marketing isn't like writing a novel. You can start without creating any of your own content: 

By curating existing content: The digital equivalent of scrapbooking

Here's ten ways to start content marketing without creating any of your own content:

  • Google all the existing articles and blog posts about your local area and target niches
  • Publish them on a Pinterest board
  • Create a blog post that summarises and links to them
  • Tweet them with an engaging comment
  • Post the best on your Facebook page with a quality photo
  • Collect other people's great photos on Instagram and gather them into a collection using a Hashtag
  • Publish all your old photos on Flickr with good keywords and descriptions in the target language
  • Publish all your existing videos on YouTube.
  • If your videos are longer than two minutes split them up into new 20-30 second videos and publish them too.

Canary Content specialises in creating the content you need to reach your target market and getting in front of them. Contact us for a free, no strings attached evaluation of your Facebook and content marketing strategy. 

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