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Offline sources of social media fans and engagement

Where does most of your social media audience first find your profiles? If your answer is online, then it's time for a rethink.

The biggest source of followers for tourist businesses (hotels, attractions, tour companies, bars, etc) is their existing customers.

Think about it: 

Your customers are most engaged when they can speak to you, eat your food and jump in your pool.

Exisiting customers are loyal and far more likely to return and share your content with their friends. 

Every customer who departs without leaving an email address or a social media follow is a lost return customer. There's so much noise online that you can't count on them making an effort once they are back at home. Grab them while you can!

So how do you get your customers' permission to stay in contact and make it easy for them to share your brand online?

Here's five simple ideas:

1. Put a webcam somewhere in your hotel where there is free WiFi (you do have free Wifi don't you?). Then your guests can phone their family and friends and wave at them with your hotel or business in the background.

2. Get an artist to paint a cool 3D mural that kids can interact with and put your logo on it. Guests will photograph their kids and themslves and share the photos on social networks along with your brand name. Here's what we mean.

3. Break up an old wooden palette and make a cool Caribbean-style sign with your hotel on one bit and the distances to your clients home countries around it. Put it in front of your business' iconic view so people take photos and share them.

4. Print up a retro-luggage label as a sticker and give it away on your reception desk or in the welcome package. If it's good enough for Louis Vuitton ...

5. Offer guests a free glass of sangría if they like your Facebook page on their mobile phone.

Canary Content produces the content you need to keep in contact with your cusomers on a daily basis. Contact us and ask about our convenient social media packages. 

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