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Nokia Lumia 920 Trial

Nokia likes Canary Content's photos so much that they sent us the new Lumia 920 smart phone with Carl Zeiss camera for testing. We plan to put it through its paces in the Gran Canaria sunshine and see exactly what it can do.

First Impressions

We've got the Lumia for two weeks and then we send it back to Nokia. Here are our impressions from the first day of testing. We have deliberatly avoided reading any other reviews so this is a genuine blind test.

The Lumia 920 is large and solid: Perfect for taking photos. The camera button is in the right place, exactly where it is on most cameras when you hold the phone horizontally. The lens is also well placed so that you never have to move your fingers out of the way of the shot. No more blurry pink shots of my own fingers!

We like the elongated native 16:9 photo formatt although it takes a bit of getting used to. You can switch to 4:3 with a few swipes.

Our first image quality test was scary from a photography point of view. The quality of the images is better than the professional cameras we were using just a few years ago. Photos taken in the sunshine are almost noise free and the colours are accurate.

The Lumia 920 is the first smart phone that we've used that is good enough to be a useful tool for the photographer. The photos it takes are as good as most high-end point and shoot cameras and low end DSLRs.

So far the Lumia 920 has impressed us. We're going to keep pushing it on the beach to see exactly what it's camera is capable of doing.

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