The Mobile Revolution

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The mobile contant revoluttion

The Mobile Revolution

The desktop is dead; the laptop is obsolete. Look around you: The world’s gone mobile. Tablets, e-readers and large screen mobiles are the future. The internet is everywhere. Game changer? It’s a new game!

Here are the rules:

Show before you tell

Cater to impatience. Eliminate barriers. Clunk is the enemy. Design!

Initial impact

Every word counts. Say it in 50. A sound byte, an insight, a blast of inspiration. 400 words is a book.

Target time

Where do people consume mobile content? On the sofa, the train, in bed, everywhere! Provide content to fill time. 30 second blasts, two minute shows, half hour reads. Be bold, go long, and make it good.

Forget the robots

The days of the powder-puff 400-word SEO article are over. Hooray! Forget SEO, forget Google, only people matter.

Loyalty is the key

Deliver originality, interestingness. Opinions and attitude are everything. Define your voice. Be unique. Throw out value every day. Make them come back for more.

Photos, photos and more photos

And videos!

The mobile website is a magazine. A front page with impact, the best bits highlighted. Inside it’s bright and beautiful and full of great stuff. It’s you!

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