We're Full: Let's Get Fidelizando

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touristsGran Canaria's resort hotels are 100% full this August, according to La Provincia newspaper. With Egypt unstable and (whisper it) economic conditions improving and we can expect more of the same this winter

In fact, winter 2013/14 is a historic opportunity for the Canary Islands: Millennials are choosing their first holiday destinations, Egypt-fans are looking for new haunts and confidence is slowly returning to our target markets.

We need to stay in touch with all these new customers and turn them from first-time visitors into loyal fans: Get those Facebook likes and email addresses! 

You've got the clients, we've got the photos: It's time to stop talking about fidelización and start fidelizando!

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Lanzarote's Branding Success:

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Lanzarote's branding is in the details

Lanzarote's mixture of cohesive architecture and Cesar Manrique-inspired features give the island an identity. It has used design and art to brand itself in a way that the other Canary Islands haven't managed. Even the local wine in Lanzarote (Yaiza, Bermejo) comes in elegant and original bottles.

I can't think of another place where one artist has had such a huge impact and maybe Manrique is a one-off. However, Lanzarote's successful branding is an example that the other Canary Islands and their resorts need to study and emulate.

Canary Island Tourism: Are We Catering to the Future?

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The future of Canary Island tourism

The Millennial Generation, born after 1980, are the future of tourism in the Canary Islands. The blue-faced teenagers of today, hiding behind their mobile devices, will soon be the biggest consumer group in European history. They are starting to pick holiday destinations!

Consequently, attracting the Millennials is vital to the future of our hotels and tourist industry.

The Millenials have Landed

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THE MILLENIALS HAVE LANDEDThe Millenials, also known as Generation Y, are starting to get jobs, earn money, and come on holiday. They will soon be the largest consumer group in history. Their outlook and expectations will shape Canary Island tourist industry for the next 20 years.

Millenials, all born after 1983, are the first genuinely technology-friendly generation. They grew up with computers and mobile phones, email and social media. They expect information to be available instantly via their mobile devices, and don’t react kindly to WiFi blackspots and poor quality websites.

Sun, Sea and Sand and Proud of it

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SUN, SEA AND SAND AND PROUD OF ITIt is very fashionable at the moment to say that the Canary Islands need to move away from mass tourism and towards higher-value niches such as conference and cultural tourism. Canary Content believes that the islands' greatest attractions are, and will always be, its fantastic climate and beaches. High end niches are valuable, but the Canary Islands need to focus on their core "sun, sea and sand" offer.

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